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Temple The Rock™ Chaplain Badge.

God Bless You My Brothers And Sisters In Christ, My name is
Dr. Rudy Carreon Jr. I am praying to Our Heavenly And Divine Father
in these stages of my Ministry, I am a Bilingual Minister, Chaplain,
Preacher, Teacher, Evangelist, Bookwriter, Songwriter, Singer, Musician
And Counselor.

We are A Ministry moved and on fire for Jesus Christ, I have given revivals
in different parts of the Country, and have dedicated these past
years in studying Gods Holy And Powerful Word, please contact me
at the below email address: or
or call me at: 210-848-6961 and please leave
a message If I don't answer.

I would like to thank God our Heavenly Father for the calling
to Minister to the World and for helping me through my years of
Study and Dedication for the sole purpose of Bringing Hope and
help to hurting families with The Holy Word Of God and Prayer.

Ministry Mission Statement is the Following from the Gospel Of
Saint Matthew Chapter 28 Verses 18-20:

18. And Jesus Came And Spake Unto Them, Saying, All Power Is
Given Unto Me In Heaven And In Earth.

19. Go Ye Therefore, And Teach All Nations, Baptizing Them
In The Name Of The Father, And Of The Son, And Of The Holy Ghost:

20. Teaching Them To Observe All Things Whatsoever I Have Commanded
You; And Lo, I Am With You Always, Even Unto The End Of The World.

Dr. Rudy Carreon Jr. here, Founder, Minister,
And Chaplain of Temple The Rock Ministries™.

Dr. Rudy Carreon Jr. Education History & Studies:

Graduate of Harlandale High School "1990"

I graduated from CLADIC Seminary on the 18 day of May in the year
of our Lord Nineteen Hundred and Ninety Six completing my 3 year
Ministerial Course in an all spanish speaking Bible Seminary in
Los Angeles California.

Doctorates Degree Of Divinity, Doctorates Degree Of Chaplaincy, And
Doctorates Degree Of Ministry from Cambridge Theological Seminary™

Doctorates Degree Of Evangelism with Spurgeon Theological Seminary™

Doctorates Degree Of Theology with Oxford University Of The Bible™

This Ministry is a Bible Based Ministry Which Its Foundations
Are Totally, Fully And Completely Established With God's Holy,
Powerful And Transforming Word; "The Holy Bible."

Temple The Rock Ministries™ is helping Communities by
providing to them the The Gospel Of Jesus Christ, Presenting
"The Plan Of Salvation."

Temple The Rock Ministries™ Is Here To Help Minsters,
Chaplains,Serious Christians, Churches And Ministries With The Great
Commission To Win Souls For Jesus Christ And To Help Cultivate Those
Who Believe Jesus Is The Savior And Lord Of The World With God's Holy

Temple The Rock Ministries™ Is here To Minister The Word
Of God And To Present The Gospel Of Jesus Christ, For God The Father Will
Touch The Heart And Mind Of Those Who Value This Ministry, We Are Here
For You, The Community, The Whole World.

Dr.Rudy received Jesus Christ as His Lord and Savior back in May 18, 1982,
And raised in a religious conservative home, Dr. Rudy's parents raised Him
since He Was A baby to serve God Almighty.

For prayer request and other information you may reach me at: or

Soul Winner For Christ,
Dr. Rudy Carreon Jr. D.Div., D.Min., Ch.D., Th.D., D.Evan.
122 Covington Rd.
San Antonio, Texas. 78220
Church Ministry Phone#'s 210-848-6961

Dr. Rudy Carreon Jr. Cambridge Theological Seminary Website.

P.S. Please Have Temple The Rock
Ministries ™ in your prayers as We take the
Gospel Of Jesus Christ to as many as possible.

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